Here at Grace & Violet we’re passionate about creating bespoke wedding flowers that truly reflect your style and your vision for your wedding day. We’re passionate about using the best of what’s in season to really make your day special, from beautiful bouquets that complement the bride and her wedding party, to original ideas for dressing your venue that will wow your guests, we will work alongside you to create something unique and tailored to you and your wedding.

As with a lot of things when planning a wedding, knowing where to start can be hard! We offer an initial consultation free of charge where we can provide you with some guidance from the basics, such as what items you should be budgeting for and ideas on colour schemes, to advice on how best to dress your venue in a way that will really bring the day you have been picturing to life!

We strongly believe in offering a bespoke service creating something original for each wedding we work on based on the bride and groom and their personal style. We prefer to use only flowers and foliage that are naturally in season to ensure that they are of the highest quality and, as a result, the best possible flowers for your wedding. As well as sourcing flowers from the flower market we source British grown blooms from local flower farmers where possible, which also contributes to the natural, unstructured style of our designs.

On the day itself our focus will be 100% on your wedding – from delivery of the bridal party flowers in the morning, to set up at the wedding ceremony and reception venues, we will be on hand throughout the day to pin on buttonholes and move flowers from the ceremony to the reception if desired, ensuring everything is perfect!

If you’re searching for a florist whose style is a little different with an emphasis on wild and natural design, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation and quote.

Image of wedding flower arch outside a church door
Image of a wedding meadow flower arrangement along the centre of a table